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Generative AI and Quantum Computacional in
Credit Scoring

Consultancy in Generative AI and quantum computing can enhance the accuracy of credit scoring models. By using advanced algorithms and techniques, these technologies can analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and generate more precise credit risk assessments. This leads to better credit decisions and reduced risk for financial institutions.


Benefits of Generative AI and QC in Credit Scoring

  • We offer assistance in creating a credit scoring algorithm that utilizes classical artificial intelligence, generative AI, and quantum computing, all tailored to your specific data. Our service includes providing you with the necessary scripts in Jupyter Notebook, documentation, and an advanced model validation report. If you are lacking sufficient data or defaults, we can help you generate synthetic data.

  • Utilizing Generative AI and quantum computing, consultancy can provide a more comprehensive risk assessment of credit applicants.  As a result, financial institutions can better identify potential defaulters and manage credit risk effectively.

  • By leveraging these advanced technologies, financial institutions can develop more sophisticated credit scoring models, leading to better risk assessment, improved customer service, and a competitive advantage in the market.

Compare Consultancy Packages


We have provided the script to create a credit scoring model using our own data with 8 variables.

SAS(2), Python and R



6.000 EUR


We offer a credit scoring model and script tailored to your data, with up to 10 variables.

Python or R


5 Days

8.000 EUR


We offer a credit scoring model and script tailored to your data, with up to 50 variables.



10 Days

12.000 EUR


We offer a credit scoring model and script tailored to your data, with up to 200 variables.



15-20 Days

20.000 EUR

1. The scripts are delivered as Jupyter Notebook files.

2. Only specific tasks such as binning, validation, and logistic regression model building are available in SAS.

Important: Firstly, we will perform an audit of the model. If the audit is positive, we will proceed with the model development. Otherwise, we will charge a fee of 5% of the contracted package value.

Your data for the Credit Scoring Model could include the ID and Default Status along with the explanatory variables x1 to xm. We accept panel data, and the identification of panel data does not take into account as an explanatory variable.

Important: The number of account operations exceeding a certain limit may result in additional charges.

Please remember the following message regarding the Generative AI Model data we need to discuss with you.


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